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Using Animation in React Native Applications

Introduction Animations in an application are used to make the user interactions colorful and engaging and also to make the product different from the once that are already in the market or so to speak to make the application unique and attention grabbing. Types of Animations Transition Animations Supplement Animations Feedback Animations Decorative Animations Transitions …

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Using Redux in Sample React Native app

What is Redux? Redux is a predictable state manager, what predictable state manager does is that it records the state changes by describing as “Actions” and replay it later making state management predictable. In other words, Redux is a predictable state manager which helps us to write applications that behave consisting which run in different …

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Using Redux in a React Native Application

Introduction Managing states in a react native application can be a pain if the application is a large application and have lots of relationships with each component. What is Redux? Redux is a state management tool. Or according to the official documentation this is a predictable state container for JavaScript. Purpose of this is, it …

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