What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, popularly known as AI, is the art of allowing a computerized machine to carry out the tasks and functions that a human would. AI is the incorporation of human intelligence into modern computer systems and architecture.

Modern AI systems can be categorized into two;

  • Weak AI
  • Strong AI

Weak AI

A Weak AI system is one that is trained and developed in order to achieve a particular task, usually a less complex one.

Strong AI

A Strong AI system is one that displays generalized human cognitive abilities and is programmed to execute and carry out more complex tasks and processes.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning play a major part in day-to-day operations and events and are the very concepts that define the heart of many multinational companies and organizations.

What is Autonomous Driving?

Autonomous driving is the concept of programming vehicles to function by themselves without the aid of a human driver/user.
It is one of the major research fields in modern technology and is being pursued by many organizations and companies with the hope that it will, one day, become integrated into modern businesses and services.

Influential organizations currently working on Autonomous Vehicle Conduction

  • Uber
  • Google
  • Amazon

In addition to these three tech-giants, vehicle manufacturing organizations such as Audi, BMW & Volvo are also working on autonomous vehicles and technology in order to revolutionize modern technology.

The future of AI and its effect on modern jobs

With the rapid expansion of Artificial Intelligence and its foreseeable impact on day-to-day life, the fear that AI may one day replace jobs commandeered by humans and individuals is one that has become of high concern.

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With rising tax rates and company expenditures, the idea of cutting down on working employees and assigning their roles to computerized machine capable of performing tasks at a much more efficient rate than humans does seem very meaningful.

However, as AI is a relatively new sector that requires a lot of progressing, the chances of it actually creating more jobs and widening opportunities seem more likely. AI will displace some jobs, however, it will create an entirely new variety of opportunities and this will, most definitely, contribute to its development.

Why are companies interested in Autonomous Driving?

The main problem that justifies the research done by UBER (to achieve a breakthrough in Autonomous Driving) is their current business model. Drivers working for UBER are entitled to a percentage of the fare cost (determined the algorithms designed by UBER) and this greatly reduces the overall profit achieved by the company itself.

If autonomous cars were to be introduced and deployed, the only costs that the company would have to bear would be the insurance fees and fuel costs.

This would greatly increase the profitability of the company, although it would have a severe impact on current drivers and employees.

Google’s new Android Automotive Development Emulator

With serious breakthroughs and updates being discovered in the field of Autonomous Conduction, Google is rolling out a new emulator capable of testing, installing and running applications without the presence of an automated car.
The aim of this move is to allow users and designers to work on applications and test them before autonomous vehicles are actually deployed onto the streets. Check out the latest news from Google to find out more!

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