Month: April 2020

Creating a Blazor App with Entity Framework Core 3.0

Introduction Blazor is a framework from Microsoft which makes .Net to run in the browser on top of web assembly. In this article we will be talking about usage of Blazor in a web application simply put pros and cons of using Blazor and different types of Blazor available for different scenarios. Different Types of …

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Custom React Hooks with GraphQL

Introduction to React Hooks Reusable stateful logic functions can be called as Hooks that is introduced by React in version 16.8.0 . Main purpose of hooks is to simplify complex components to make them easier to test and reuse, readable and maintainable Introduction to GraphQL GraphQL is a data query language for APIs it has …

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Azure functions- Part 1

Azure Functions is the serverless alternative for Azure. Serverless computing is changing the whole complex application architecture these days. Serverless computing relieves the developer from the stress of handling cloud infrastructure. Especially when developing complex applications, the serverless feature tends to make a big impact. Let take a look into what is Azure functions and …

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Using Animation in React Native Applications

Introduction Animations in an application are used to make the user interactions colorful and engaging and also to make the product different from the once that are already in the market or so to speak to make the application unique and attention grabbing. Types of Animations Transition Animations Supplement Animations Feedback Animations Decorative Animations Transitions …

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